15+ Clean Website Design Examples

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” —Apple

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3D model of a guy sitting on a bucket holding a mop
Screenshot of Commerce.js

Why Commerce.js?

  • Subtle background gradient with multiple colours is a really modern look and helps the navigation bar pop out from the page

  • Styling of elements in the images is consistent with the styling of the website

  • Separate landing page for developers so that the home page doesn't need to be technical

Screenshot of Stripe Sessions 2023 website

Why Stripe Sessions 2023?

  • The animated background blends perfectly with the text to keep it looking modern and ensure there's enough contrast

  • The gradients on all the text/buttons/etc shift with the animated background to keep it consistent

Screenshot of the Todoist website

Why ToDoist?

  • Ample whitespace/breathing room throughout the website.

  • Minimal but distinct colour palette, no unnecessary usage

  • Unique, high-quality illustrations consistent with the overall design language that don’t make the page feel cluttered

  • Very straightforward page structure and navigation

  • Layouts allow for focus on the copy

Screenshot of the WhatsApp website

Why WhatsApp?

  • Rounded space around the hero section gives a really clean, modern feel

  • Every section focuses on one idea to communicate while giving elements lots of breathing room

  • Images throughout the site are full of people which automatically creates a sense of connection

Screenshot of the Clearco website

Why Clearco?

  • Subtle gradients with complimenting colours add to the distinctness of the design language without adding complexity

  • Minimal use of the primary colour so that it stands out more when used

  • Separating sections by background colour creates distinct boundaries while keeping it clean

Screenshot of the Polymer website

Why Polymer?

  • A combination of smaller font-sized in the hero section and lots of negative space call attention to the primary elements without needing to be big & bold

  • The spacing around all the sections instead of making them full-width adds some breathing room as well as gives more of a modern feel

  • Consistent text hierarchy

Screenshot of the Hoyne Brewing Co. website

Why Hoyne Brewing Co.?

  • Type and imagery working together in perfect harmony

  • The layouts let the images and copy shine to tell the story of their business and product

Screenshot of the Wise website

Why Wise?

  • Huge, strong type that immediately focuses all attention

  • Bold use of their new brand colour without it being overwhelming

  • Lots of big high-quality images that are consistent with their bold design language and help communicate ideas to visitors

Screenshot of the Writer website

Why Writer?

  • Instead of limiting to one primary colour, an array of bright colours are used throughout the website to call attention to primary elements

  • The same colours are used throughout images and gradients; makes everything more cohesive

Screenshot of the Detailed website

Why Detailed?

  • Carefully manages a content heavy layout by maintaining good hierarchy without elements competing for attention

  • Everything you need to understand what they do, how it can benefit you, and if it's legit, is available above the fold.

Screenshot of the ETQ website

Why ETQ?

  • Minimal design aesthetic aligns with their brand

  • No fluff anywhere, their whole site is incredibly practical

  • Images throughout the site are minimal and fit with the overall design

Screenshot of Seer Interactive's website

Why Seer Interactive?

  • Their design is all about clean thin lines with colorful gradients which makes for a really cool and unique look

Screenshot of Skiff's website

Why Skiff?

  • The navbar sits on top of the hero section, calling attention to it without being in the way

  • Everything sits in spaced-out cards which keep the page organized

Screenshot of Keep's website

Why Keep?

  • Bold, colourful text gradients call attention to important words

Screenshot of Archute's website

Why Archute?

  • The sharp edges in the illustration are consistent with the overall design language

Screenshot of the minrims website

Why minrims?

  • Show don’t tell. The page allows the images to speak for themselves; communicating different aspects of the product.

Screenshot of Overflow's website

Why Overflow?

  • Using a colourful background gradient to call attention to the text

  • Their blog is very minimal, nothing unnecessary to distract away from the content

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